First Post

First knit

I thought that I should start my first post with my first real attempt at being crafty since school. This was my first knitting attempt in March 2009. I’ve gotten better since then.

Knitting is the craft that I really love and that I can really pour hours into without feeling like it is a chore (unless I am slaving over a gift). I am learning to crochet and sew and occasionally dabble in other crafty things.

I mostly knit dinosaurs for the children I nanny for and for my family members who are happy to embrace their inner child! I don’t have the patience to make a blanket but I will one day. My most-used/favourite yarn has to be Stylecraft Special DK, it’s soft, easy to look after, comes in tonnes of colours and cheap as chips!

With crochet I can make granny squares. I also managed an awesome Captain America blanket fairly recently! But that’s as far as my skills go in that department. I’m getting there!

Sewing-wise I mostly sew hammocks for my pet rats, I have seven rats and they go through hammocks quickly, which makes a sewing machine essential! I made a very simple square blanket for my newborn Nephew last month though.


10 thoughts on “First Post

    1. I really struggle with crochet, I can do (British) TC, but I still can’t decrease, so I am rather limited in what I can do šŸ˜‰ I feel that way about knitting though šŸ™‚


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