So, Nick worked it out.  His birthday present. We live in a tiny flat and he managed to sneak a peek of my notebook with all of the plans because I was silly enough to work on the plans whilst he was home, so I can post about it now. However, he doesn’t yet know how many hexes I need and nor will he realise how big it will be until it has been given to him.DSCN7449

The whole thing will be big. We sleep on a UK-sized double bed with a UK-sized king duvet and it will fit comfortably on that. He also believes that it will be given to him for Christmas, so if all fails and I don’t finish it on time I have an extra two months in which to do it (clever cookie me!) though I am aiming to complete it in time for his birthday in October.

For the uniniatiated, Catan is a board game, we’re a bit geeky like that. It was the first board game that we played that got us into “proper” board games, real strategic and interesting games rather than the ones where you know who the winner is within ten minutes of playing. Catan is subtle in that you can not be fairing so well on the board or at the start, but you can still end up winning through other means or by being underhanded, it’s brilliant! My general line of play is to screw everybody else over and attempt to get longest road. Above is my basic design for the blanket, what isn’t on this picture is the work I did afterwards in working out how big it’ll be. It will extend three above and below the grid and quite a few hexes out to the sides with blue hexes, for the sea. The main grid itself will be central on the bed and the rest of it will go over the sides. It will be awesome, it really will!


Thankfully, I already have a lot of the non-blue yarn that I need for it, all Stylecraft Special DK. I’ve made my wheat and forest hexes, I have the colour for brick (which isn’t perfect and I’m a tad upset by that! But Nick says it’s fine and my yarnie group think it’s fine, I’m just being a perfectionist…), I have my desert and ore too. So I now need to order a load of road coloured yarn for the stitching together and a lot of blue for the water. As in 23 balls just for the hexes. Not including the stitching up yarn. I dread to think how much I need for stitching up. I need to sit down and work that out but I currently have the Fat Lady in the picture above “helping”. Meet Zhaan, she’s black and fluffy and oh-so-adorable. And like a cat when it comes to wool.


3 thoughts on “Catan’ghan

  1. I love this game! My fiancé and I play all the time with our friends. I mentioned your project to him and he thinks it is a great idea I even think he is a bit jealous! Can’t wait to see your Catan’ghan finished 😊 x Emma


    1. It’s amazing isn’t it?! We love it, that and Carcassone can have us sitting there for hours!
      There have been other Catan’ghan projects:
      They’re very good! 🙂 I originally planned to knit one years ago but the effort involved would lead me to insanity I think!
      & Thank you 🙂


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