Not a crafty day exactly but a busy one at home!

So whilst I haven’t been crafting today, I have been busy in my tiny kitchen sorting out food for the week and stocking my freezer. I usually don’t do food posts but I am so chuffed with myself that I had to today! Nearly 4 hours chopping and cooking and crying from chopping 5 onions. That was after clearing out my kitchen cupboards and going through my clothes. Busy Bank Holiday Monday!

I really wanted a roast dinner, and roasts are actually great for making things that usually take forever and doing them in bulk, saving the effort next time.

So; I’ve made/sorted for the freezer:
6 cashew nut and carrot roasts (one for dinner)
4 bags of 2 portions of sliced carrot
5 vegetarian cottage pies
Enough caramelised onion to go in the gravy (bisto’s, not my own gravy!)
360g of sweet potato chopped and ready to cook for something dhal-like
4 bags of 2 portions of mashed potato
Enough roasted veg to make sweet vegetable pies topped with pastry, which I’ll make on Wednesday.

I love it when a bulk-making day goes well! Especially when it ends with an awesome Roast Dinner, haven’t had a home made one since Christmas.


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