The Captain America Blanket


This was my first proper foray into crochet. I had crocheted some granny squares before but this was my first project. It’s awesome, looks very impressive and was bloody easy.

As I’ve mentioned before, my sister and her husband love the Avengers. When I was searching for things to make them for their new baby I saw this and knew that I had to do it, despite the fact that I could only do treble crochet and increasing by tc-ing twice into one stitch. And that is all it took.

The blanket took me around 20 hours to make including the star. The circle was based off of the Little Superhero Blanket pattern by Lion brand and the star was actually a separate blanket pattern (as I didn’t like the star from the Little Superhero blanket), Beth’s Little Star Afghan.

This blanket showed me that I could crochet, it’s something that I’ve enjoyed a lot more since. I still can’t do much more than trebles (I can dc now too) but it started the ball rolling for me.


Ravelry Pattern Pages: Little Superhero BlanketBeth’s Little Star Afghan
Ravelry Project Page: Nikki’s Captain America Blanket
Direct link to patterns: Little Superhero Blanket (must sign-in), Beth’s Little Star Afghan


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