November plans

I have things that I need to get done today but between a new baby rat sleeping on me and my lone rat sleeping on me, I can’t get them done. So I’m on here instead! But, here is a photo of the baby rat, her name is Sikozu and she’ll be joining our girls ASAP.


I said last night that I’d post about my plans for next month, they are as follows:

  1. Finish the Catan Blanket Hexes
  2. Attempt NaNoWriMo

That’s basically it. I have a fanfiction idea that I’ve been playing with for a long while that really needs writing down, I haven’t written anything since I was a teen so this should be interesting! I also want to get Nick’s blanket done in time for Christmas instead of slacking, so my goals this month consist of two very big, creativity-based projects.


A DIY project but still a project

So it’s not completed, but this has been our most recent project:


The desk has been something that we’ve needed for a while but put off thinking that we wouldn’t be here for long after Nick finishes uni. Well, as we seem to intend on staying in our box we needed to maximise our space. This was the result.

A big Ikea desk for the both of us (and for Ashi). The cage on the desk is Ashi’s holiday cage as the boys were in his usual cage, his cage will take up most of that space. It creates a lot more space in our flat which we didn’t have with the desk and dining table combo before.

I still need to cover the wooden bit in the centre (a bit from our last desk which went to the dump) with a white sticky back plastic, along with the rat shelf which the big cage is now on; but that can come later. I am challenging myself to a few things in November which I’ll post about tomorrow!

A Work In Progress update

A minion hat for my nephew

Recently I haven’t really posted much, I have been busy but tbh, I haven’t really finished making anything recently. I’ve been working on projects, but they’re all big projects rather than little ones, so that moment of satisfaction at a completed objects just hasn’t happened.

At the moment I am working on a few things:

  • Practising UK dc in order to make this wonderful horse for my youngest charge: Horse Piem by MyKrissieDolls
  • Making hats for a Woolly Hugs project (sending warm things to refugees in Kurdistan)
  • Dithering about making another Minion Hat for my Nephew, I made one for him when he was born which was silly given he was born in June. But his parents appreciated it! (Hat above!)
  • Making Nick’s Catan Blanket
  • Making a monkey for Nephew for Christmas
  • Designing the components of the My Favourite Things Infinity Scarf that I want to start making soon
  • Working out how to go about a couple of projects I need to design myself, not something I’m great at!


This is the full chart for Nick’s blanket, if it’s coloured in the hex has been made, though I think that I’ve got some more to add now! Each hex has a date written in it in pencil to keep me on track for when things need to be made by!

Snowman for R – My first toy

9 days since my last post! Not good. I’ve been busy at work and it’s been taking its toll on my energy levels really.

I though I’d share this though: This is my first toy, he was massively under-stuffed but I didn’t really pay much attention to that until I handed him over and the Mum was a bit confused! Nevertheless, my charge, R (aged 13mo at the time) loved him and the Mum clocked on when I told her.

snowman snowman1

The snowman was a learning experience, stuffing is harder than it seems and I still have issues with it to this day (usually one bit looks lumpy whilst the bit above it perfect, so you have to destroy all of the hard work!) I also couldn’t stuff him that much as I’d messed up the mattress stitch, making it really clumped together at the seams. It wasn’t noticeable until it was stuffed further than this! Which is why he was a skinny snowman!

She is 5 soon and still has him, so at least I know that they survive toddler-hood!