Snowman for R – My first toy

9 days since my last post! Not good. I’ve been busy at work and it’s been taking its toll on my energy levels really.

I though I’d share this though: This is my first toy, he was massively under-stuffed but I didn’t really pay much attention to that until I handed him over and the Mum was a bit confused! Nevertheless, my charge, R (aged 13mo at the time) loved him and the Mum clocked on when I told her.

snowman snowman1

The snowman was a learning experience, stuffing is harder than it seems and I still have issues with it to this day (usually one bit looks lumpy whilst the bit above it perfect, so you have to destroy all of the hard work!) I also couldn’t stuff him that much as I’d messed up the mattress stitch, making it really clumped together at the seams. It wasn’t noticeable until it was stuffed further than this! Which is why he was a skinny snowman!

She is 5 soon and still has him, so at least I know that they survive toddler-hood!


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