A Work In Progress update

A minion hat for my nephew

Recently I haven’t really posted much, I have been busy but tbh, I haven’t really finished making anything recently. I’ve been working on projects, but they’re all big projects rather than little ones, so that moment of satisfaction at a completed objects just hasn’t happened.

At the moment I am working on a few things:

  • Practising UK dc in order to make this wonderful horse for my youngest charge: Horse Piem by MyKrissieDolls
  • Making hats for a Woolly Hugs project (sending warm things to refugees in Kurdistan)
  • Dithering about making another Minion Hat for my Nephew, I made one for him when he was born which was silly given he was born in June. But his parents appreciated it! (Hat above!)
  • Making Nick’s Catan Blanket
  • Making a monkey for Nephew for Christmas
  • Designing the components of the My Favourite Things Infinity Scarf that I want to start making soon
  • Working out how to go about a couple of projects I need to design myself, not something I’m great at!


This is the full chart for Nick’s blanket, if it’s coloured in the hex has been made, though I think that I’ve got some more to add now! Each hex has a date written in it in pencil to keep me on track for when things need to be made by!


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