Projects from before

I haven’t really finished any projects recently, apart from a DIY project which is almost finished. So, I have no projects to post about apart from old projects.

130706 Pterodactyl for B

So, today I’m sharing the pterodactyls. All five of them.

The pink and purple creature above is one I made for a friend’s son in 2013. He was the second pterodactyl I made.

Pterodactyl for J (2)

Pterodactyl for J (1) This was the first pterodactyl, one for my previous charge, J, for Christmas 2012. I love the rainbow and white variegated yarn. I haven’t seen anything like it since. It was a random bit of acrylic from a bag I bought in a charity shop years ago and I love the stuff, gutted I can’t find more!

The next three are all living in the same home these days. The first two were given to my two older charges for their birthdays in 2014, the purple and yellow one was for their little sister for Christmas in 2014.
The yarn on the first two is Bonus DK and a variegated Robin DK. The purple and yellow one is Stylecraft Special IIRC (surprise surprise).
Pterodactyl for C (6)Pterodactyl for C (5)Pterodactyl for G (1)Pterodactyl for G (2)DSCN3039

Ravelry project pages:
Pink and purple pterodactyl
Rainbow pterodactyl
Yellow/blue/green/red pterodactyl
Union Flag pterodactyl (And a mention on a previous post)
Purple and yellow pterodactyl


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