November Challenges: Day 3


How is it the third already?! Yesterday I didn’t post as my PC didn’t get turned on. Some nights it doesn’t, today it is as I’m home today and have a lot I want to get done including a mini-marathon Charmed session.

So, I’ve just gone onto my writing document this morning to discover that it hasn’t saved after a quick writing sess on Sunday 😦 I didn’t write much but still, that’s highly annoying and leaves my word count at 0!

I haven’t made many hexes either, my crafting time on Sunday was spent hooking some of the hexes together, last night I did one hex whilst watching Breaking Bad with Nick and spent an equal amount of time trying to keep the rats from climbing all over it!

So, my counts at the moment:

Catan Blanket:
120 sea hexes left
26 other hexes left

0/50,000 words 😦


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