Short days and little sleep = Cranky crafter (November Challenges: Day 12!)

I’m not sleeping brilliantly at the moment, not for any particular reason, I think my mind is just going a little into overdrive with ideas at the moment, especially in those five minutes after I go to bed and just want to sleep. I’m sure this is a common phenomena, just like having ideas in the shower that you always forget by the time you get out of the shower.

I am not the biggest fan of driving to work in the dark and home again in the dark, we have a sunrise alarm clock which revolutionised our mornings when we got it two years ago (at a time where I had to leave the house at 6:30) but still, driving in the dark is not fun, especially when you’re paranoid about deer and idiot drivers on country roads. There are things that I love about late Autumn and Winter, but some things I hate. I love wintery meals, stews and casseroles, cottage pie and lots of soup. I love lighting the fire at work and blustery walks in the woods.

I haven’t done much of anything the past couple of days creativity-wise. I have been studying in my free time though so I feel good about that. I am intending to get Nick’s blanket to a presentable point before the end of the month, I can add to it after Christmas if need be as, once the first round of sea tiles is on, it will be what I originally intended to do. Anything after that is a bonus (though a much wanted one!) The writing isn’t going so well. The issue with my story is that the story I’ve thought of is based five years beyond what I need to write, so filling in the gaps is difficult. I know the time line, I know the relationships I want to develop and so on, but padding that out is more difficult than I expected it to be!

I’m not going to update my totals today because it will show just how little I’ve done! I shall attempt to improve the situation today though!


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