RIP Haku

The thing about pet rats is that they are only there for a short while. One of our first pair of rats, the one that was ‘mine’, had to go for an op today and unfortunately he didn’t make it.

Haku and Howl were where this obsession of ours started, Haku was my big cuddly sod and I’m going to miss him so much.




8 thoughts on “RIP Haku

  1. Aww so sorry about your loss. I’ve actually been considering adopting a couple of rats since I’ve heard what great companions they are, and it sounds like Haku was a wonderful little guy.


    1. Thank you 🙂 He was brilliant, a little git, but lovely!

      Rats are really brilliant, we have 7 now. 2 boys who are both now loners and 5 girls in one cage together.

      Most of ours are from breeders, we have had 3 rescues out of the 9 rats we’ve had, then four from one brilliant breeder who is local to us. We’re lucky as they are so very sweet and she cares for them really well before they get rehomed. They are very friendly creatures. Our rescues took some work to get them handleable but it was well worth it as they’re the cuddliest two we’ve got at the moment (we had a rescue die last year).

      If you are seriously looking at getting rats I would recommend getting a trio rather than a pair. Rats like company and it can be very stressful when you’re in a situation of potentially losing one and needing to find a companion for the one left behind. We had a couple of occasions when Howl and Haku were younger where we seriously regretted getting just the two of them!

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