Long weekend and WIPs


I wish by Long Weekend I meant a weekend away, but no, I was working. It’s a good thing I love my job though! I was proxy parenting my youngest charge for the weekend and it was fun, but very tiring. I was supposed to work yesterday as well but my boss took pity on me when she saw me late Sunday night and told me that they didn’t need me, so I woke up at 9:30, sat in my PJs all day whilst knitting, supervising the rats free-range time and generally chilling out. I did manage to finish half of a hat though! (Sorry for the potato quality, I’m learning how to use my camera still!)

Today will be much the same with some housework and coursework thrown in for good measure. We also have a dance lesson this evening which I’m beginning to regret booking but I’m sure that I’ll enjoy it once there…

Warning: Self indulgent eczema moan after the break!

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A tunic for Lottie (or Barbie)


Apologies for potato quality with the photo, Nick has our Naice camera with him as he’s probably going to head to a National Trust place tomorrow, jammy sod. He has an interview in the Midlands in the morning for a graduate position so he’s gone up tonight and will be back Saturday. Meanwhile I’m proxy parenting this weekend so I’ll be doing a lot of fun little activities with my charge like pottery painting. I love pottery painting 😀

Anywho, I wanted to share this. My first ever item of clothing (even though it is for a dolly)! It is too big for her so it will likely end up in my Little Charge’s Barbie outfit stash, but it’s cute and now I know how to make top-down jumpers/cardi’s/tunics I can be more adventurous with it. This was hashed together from numerous top-down patterns so no pattern link today I’m afraid!

Ravelry Project Page: Lottie’s First Tunic

Goodbye to our old lady.


Sadly we had to say goodbye to our old lady rat, Nibbles, on Saturday. Nibs and Ruby, her companion, came to us in March 2014. They’d been owned by a family for a year and were from a pet shop originally, so we don’t know how old she was but we make it at least 3 years! She was very protective of Ruby when we got them and was also very nippy and territorial over their cage; but she calmed down and became the matriarch of the cage and an absolute cuddlemonster 🙂

She’s been slowing down gradually, but the past couple of weeks her lungs had gotten very bad, she’d been very badly hit by respiratory infections twice before (the only two times she’s had meds before recently!) and bounced back very quickly, but this time her age was against her and we made the decision with the vet to let her go rather than leave her suffer another week or two at most.

RIP Nibbles, my beautiful silverfawn. I don’t regret getting you one single bit x



This cutie was for my middle charge, C, for Christmas. I’ve made a triceratops before, it was pink and had a lopsided top piece which I couldn’t correct for the life of me! This one almost ended up with a slight lean to it despite my knowing it would happen, but I managed to shift stuffing around to make it work thankfully! His nose horn points downward though, but by the point it was put on I really could not gather the energy to fix it, it would have delayed our leaving by at least 30 more minutes!

I don’t know if I’ve said this but I tend to do these dinos in the round as much as possible. I hate stitching up. To the extent that I even knit/crochet straight over something or struggle to put cozies over tight parts to avoid doing it.

FWIW, with the child who requested this dino in the first place, he first changed colours on me a couple of times, then we agreed on green/blue, then he asked to change again once I’d started and then I got asked a week before Christmas if it was too late to ask for a Y-wing fighter instead (Star Wars related I believe?!), yes C, yes it really is too late to ask for something entirely different I’m afraid! But it means I can get started on his birthday gift 7 months early… 😉

Ravelry Pattern Page: Triceratops from Knitted Dinosaurs Book
Ravelry Project Page: 
Nikki’s Triceratops (#02)
Time Spent on Triceratops:

A Year of Creativity

This is my goal for 2016: To spend a little time every single day being creative.

This is inspired by a blogger who has spent each day of 2015 making something. It’s a very inspiring blog for those of us who strive to be a little more creative! I’m also planning to finish 100 things. Be it knit, crochet, hama beads, cross stitch, sewing, colouring-in, models, electronics, etc etc etc. I’m up for trying anything creative!

I don’t think this is really a big goal, I enjoy being creative and really just want to make more time for it. We’ll see though!