Long weekend and WIPs


I wish by Long Weekend I meant a weekend away, but no, I was working. It’s a good thing I love my job though! I was proxy parenting my youngest charge for the weekend and it was fun, but very tiring. I was supposed to work yesterday as well but my boss took pity on me when she saw me late Sunday night and told me that they didn’t need me, so I woke up at 9:30, sat in my PJs all day whilst knitting, supervising the rats free-range time and generally chilling out. I did manage to finish half of a hat though! (Sorry for the potato quality, I’m learning how to use my camera still!)

Today will be much the same with some housework and coursework thrown in for good measure. We also have a dance lesson this evening which I’m beginning to regret booking but I’m sure that I’ll enjoy it once there…

Warning: Self indulgent eczema moan after the break!

I am not usually one to moan about health issues on a public forum (apart from to my family!) but I’ve had a flare up of eczema recently which is affecting my crafting, currently I can’t crochet due to it (but I can knit! it’s because of keeping tension and the eczema being at different stages on each hand). It’s frustrating as I never really had eczema until a few years ago. I started getting it quite ‘mildly’ on my hands through colder weather and in times of stress, whilst it hurt and bled it was quite manageable and predictable. Now I have a type that causes lots of little blisters that are quite deep under the skin. It’s over both hands and feet and also on my elbows and knees, which is very frustrating when you’re trying to crawl around the floor with the kids! It started on my ring finger so I haven’t been able to wear my rings since early December. Luckily I now have some very strong steroid cream which is halting some of the blisters from forming fully, but I have very lumpy hands and feet which itch like mad and just hurt. I’m hoping that it’ll be seasonal like the normal eczema I had but only time will tell.

I have other health issues as well but apart from the eczema I seem do be doing well this winter! I’ve had a chest thing called Tietze’s for about 6 years which usually causes me a lot of achiness through colder weather but I seem to have grown out of that. I have had issues with fatigue for years but I’ve had that mostly under control for at least 6 months now through regular sleeping patterns and working less/having good breaks. I have joint pain which I’ve had for years too and that’s not so horrendous this winter. I’m actually feeling quite good health-wise and I’m chuffed about that.


2 thoughts on “Long weekend and WIPs

  1. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry! That sounds horrible. Not just dealing with the pain/itching but also knowing it’s keeping you away from your craft. Fingers crossed it goes away with the winter!


    1. Thank you for the crossed fingers! It is very frustrating to not be able to crochet! though it’s probably a ‘good’ thing in the grand scheme of things because I’ve fallen back in love with knitting again, which got neglected due to the speed at which a crochet item develops luring me in! 😉


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