WIP Wednesday

Don’t you love coming back to an old idea? I do!

I frogged a project in 2012, a Binary Heart, because I just couldn’t get stranded colour-work to work for me. For a while I’ve been thinking of having another try at it and making it into a baby blanket, so that’s what I was working on on my day off yesterday. I managed to find the pattern notes in a notebook I’ve barely touched since then and have redrawn it and started putting notes down for it. I’m quite excited by it despite the fact that I still cannot do stranded colour-work!

I have started doing a tension square for it too, to get the sizing right, and I’m using the tension square as an experiment to try out different styles of numbers, well, zeros given that ‘1’ is simply a line! But I’m also testing sizes too.

I’ve also finished that hat, though it needs a button and I have none that are suitable so I’ll be popping to The Works tomorrow to see what they have.

I was going to post some pictures on here too but my darling husband seems to have changed the settings on our camera to save the raw images, and we don’t have a program that allows us to open those, so my photos are unopenable until he sorts it out tomorrow! Pain.


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