Wavy Moss Hat

I love [UK] moss stitch. Love it. It’s my favourite stitch despite the effort. I don’t often use variegated yarns but on the rare occasions that I have, I’ve used moss stitch. There’s something really magical about moss stitch, IMO. It’s very simple but it creates a lovely texture. It also properly brings out the colour in variegated yarn projects.

I was browsing Ravelry trying to find a pattern to use up some Cascade Rabat I bought in a sale a couple of weeks ago. I was eyeing up some colourful Noro Kureyon but it was double the price and whilst I wanted to treat myself, I wasn’t going to go all out slightly regret my sensible head talking me out of it now though. But, anyhow, I came across this pattern:


Ravelry Pattern Page: Wavy Moss Hat
Ravelry Project Page: Nikki’s Cabled Moss Hat

It’s gorgeous! I love it. Beautiful and simple pattern and really easy to make. Though in hindsight I prefer the beanie to the slouchy hat, I think that I suit beanies more.

I was trepidatious about the colour changes in my yarn as the cable band is knit first and in the product the colour change would be horizontal. You then pick up the stitch on the ‘side’ of the band which form the top of the hat and that colour change is vertical on the finished product. I am also not a fan of cables being done in variegated usually, I love cables but they often get lost in colour changes or yarn that is too dark/light to really show it off. But it’s turned out nicely despite both of my concerns and they don’t bug me enough not to wear it. I now want to make a matching cowl. I don’t actually like the cowl that the same designer made to be this hats pair, I’m just going to modify the cable band and make it wider. Not sure if I’ll add another cable to it though yet. Decisions, decisions.


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