Newborn sized cardgian


I made this back in March and finished the knitting then, but have only just got around to blocking it and sewing on the buttons. It did have a little yellow robot crocheted for it but the robot was awful, so I’ll try to find a suitable yellow fabric to sew a motif on at some point when I’m next near a fabric shop!

This was a really nice and simple pattern, it’s the first time that I’ve made human-sized clothing and the second time I’ve made clothing generally!

Ravelry Pattern Page: Perfect Baby Boy or Girl Top Down DK Jacket
Ravelry Project Page:
My Newborn Cardigan
Direct link to pattern:
Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days – Blog post link
Stylecraft Special DK – Aspen (1422)


My project for the next year

I really wanted to do a craft project of some sort, so I decided that I would do something to coincide with my birthday. I really wasn’t sure what to do, I did briefly consider doing 27 different types of crafting, which would be awesome, but with limited space already which will be further limited come September when we relocate I didn’t want to worry about where to put everything, so that’s on the back burner until we buy a place of our own!

So I’ve just decided to start and finish 28 projects between my birthday this year (which was a few days ago) until my 28th birthday next year (on the 20th of May). They can be big/small/tiny/etc, but they just need to be done by that point.  I’m going to try doing a good variety of techniques and things too of course, but I just need a nudge to get back into crafting!

I’m actually still finishing up a couple of projects that needed finishing, though I have one little project on the needles that is a new project 🙂

RIP Ashitaka (25th Sept 14 – 10th May 16)


I should have written this post after it happened really, especially as I updated everywhere but here about it.

Ashi had been ill for a while and we’d finally managed to get some stronger antibiotics, but he then started to reject non-solid food because he realised that we were mixing it with meds. Syringing him quickly became very stressful for both him and me. He very quickly became defensive and panicked as soon as we tried to pick him up, would spit out anything we managed to get into him, etc.

His quality of life had become such that it wasn’t fair to keep forcing him to keep going, his breathing became very laboured by the Monday evening (the 9th of May) and he wasn’t interested in any food. He was extremely defensive with Nick and I and unwilling to let us even touch him, as a lone rat we were his only company so it just wasn’t fair on him.

And so we made the decision to have him PTS on Tuesday the 10th. Whilst we’ve had two others PTS before, we never had to make the decision before as there wasn’t really a choice in the matter with the others, whereas with Ashi it was something that we had to assess and make a decision about and I felt fucking awful for it. He’s always been my special boy and he’d been a loner, pretty much since birth according to our breeder. With his issues we knew that it was coming eventually but he’d been doing so so well until he got this respiratory infection and it just sucked the last of his life out of him. He managed to reach 20 months which was much much more than we ever expected for him.

RIP my gorgeous boy x

Another update as I’ve not been good at this recently.


We’ve had a weird month so far. It was mine and Nick’s first anniversary on the 8th, so we went back to the lovely Indian restaurant where we had our wedding meal (Chaula’s in Brighton, if you ever visit locally, it’s wonderful!) and we also visited Wakehurst Place, which has a link the Kew Gardens and the gardens are beautiful, really really lovely. I will warn you, they seem to have something against National Trust members as we’ve been three times now and each time we’ve had a staff member make a sarcy comment when we’ve asked something relating to the NT (and on our first visit, just mentioned the NT in front of the kitchen staff!), which is a tad ridiculous! But I digress, it is a very pretty place and I think in future I may ask about NT just to wind them up a bit.

I wasn’t very well last week, ended up having a day off of work which I don’t usually do, but needs must. I was okay again by Friday thankfully. On Tuesday we had to make a trip to the vets to have Ashi put to sleep. I’ll have to write a separate post about that really.

On Saturday I had lunch and dinner out which was great fun, I visited Wahaca for the first time and the food was brilliant, I’ll be going back tomorrow in fact! Lots of gluten-free fair! On Sunday my parents popped down to visit and take home a load of stuff for us in preparation for our move. We’re moving in with friends for a couple of months before we move back to Essex so they took home things that we wouldn’t need until we’re back. We also revisited Wakehurst as they’ve not been before and are proud new National Trust members.

This week has been normal. Tomorrow is my birthday and so we’re having lunch out 🙂


I have been stashing everything on Ravelry in preparation for the next move so that I know what I have. I’ve been clearing out a lot of stuff too. So it’s all fun and games! Just trying to get organised and sort out everything. and I’ve been crocheting. A lot. But nothing is finished yet typically so I thought I’d share a picture of two of my girls enjoying the cocoon I made a few weeks back.

Life goes on!

Everything has been quite busy recently, as is always the way!

We have yet another new rat, though this one has been loaned to us to keep our old boy company until he dies, we’re glad that we did go down this route as he is much much happier now, and the boy we’ve borrowed is lovely. His name is Ben, he’s a little younger than Howl and is extremely friendly and sweet.


Unfortunately, we discovered that Howl has a tumour on his manly parts a couple of weeks ago. Given his age and his constant respiratory problems it’s not something we will be having removed as if the operation doesn’t kill him it’ll cause him an unnecessary amount of stress for something that likely won’t prolong his life by much. At the moment it’s not bothering him what-so-ever and it’s stopped growing for now, so we’ll just keep monitoring and see how it goes. Right now he’s very chuffed to have a new friend and the only thing slowing him down is old age (and even that isn’t stopping him, it’s just making him a bit more clumsy!) But that’s the way it is with rats, tumours are a very common problem and deciding whether or not to have them removed is something you have to consider for each situation.


I’ve been crocheting quite a bit. I made a small collection of hats and squares for Woolly Hugs, I’d show you pictures but apparently my husband decided to delete them all as they were ‘really blurry’ -_- I do have one that I took on my phone though! A nice khaki hat!



This has also been made recently…


It’s actually a cocoon style hammock for my female rats, but the buttons, sock and Ashi’s mane got added because why not?!

I’ve been working on various other things, nothing big but all needing to be finished! I’ve also ordered the yarn I need to make a single bed sized blanket for one of my charges. I’m leaving my job in September, so I’m going to attempt to make each of my three charges a ripple blanket. I seem to have a rainbow themed going on with my previous gifts for GC (See the stegosaurus and unicorn) and she’s asked me for a rainbow blanket in the past, which made her easy. CC is quite chilled and has a pretty cool bedspread which has coloured camper vans so his blanket will match that but I have no clue what colours to use for SC. SC is 3, her favourite colours change every week and her bedroom is a very nice but quite muted coloured nursery still which will likely change in the next few years so I can’t tailor it to that. So I’m at a loss. I’ll work out what to do with her blanket later on!

I may have mentioned the two bags of Bonus DK before, basically a lot of acrylic yarn that I bought for toys a long time ago, before I discovered the wonder that is Stylecraft Special DK. I have been trying to get rid of this without much success, so I’ve given myself until the end of June to get rid of as much as possible and then it’s going to be donated, because I’m bored of it taking up space now! So any yarn-hungry projects you can think of, please spam me them!

So why have I given myself until the end of June? Well, because we’re slowly packing everything we want to take with us away. We are moving back to Essex in September as Nick has a job with Network Rail and will be based in London. We are hoping to stay with friends in July/August, so most of what we own will be slowly making it’s way to a charity shop, or to Essex, and we want to take as little as possible with us to our friend’s house.

And that’s pretty much caught you up on everything 🙂