Another update as I’ve not been good at this recently.


We’ve had a weird month so far. It was mine and Nick’s first anniversary on the 8th, so we went back to the lovely Indian restaurant where we had our wedding meal (Chaula’s in Brighton, if you ever visit locally, it’s wonderful!) and we also visited Wakehurst Place, which has a link the Kew Gardens and the gardens are beautiful, really really lovely. I will warn you, they seem to have something against National Trust members as we’ve been three times now and each time we’ve had a staff member make a sarcy comment when we’ve asked something relating to the NT (and on our first visit, just mentioned the NT in front of the kitchen staff!), which is a tad ridiculous! But I digress, it is a very pretty place and I think in future I may ask about NT just to wind them up a bit.

I wasn’t very well last week, ended up having a day off of work which I don’t usually do, but needs must. I was okay again by Friday thankfully. On Tuesday we had to make a trip to the vets to have Ashi put to sleep. I’ll have to write a separate post about that really.

On Saturday I had lunch and dinner out which was great fun, I visited Wahaca for the first time and the food was brilliant, I’ll be going back tomorrow in fact! Lots of gluten-free fair! On Sunday my parents popped down to visit and take home a load of stuff for us in preparation for our move. We’re moving in with friends for a couple of months before we move back to Essex so they took home things that we wouldn’t need until we’re back. We also revisited Wakehurst as they’ve not been before and are proud new National Trust members.

This week has been normal. Tomorrow is my birthday and so we’re having lunch out 🙂


I have been stashing everything on Ravelry in preparation for the next move so that I know what I have. I’ve been clearing out a lot of stuff too. So it’s all fun and games! Just trying to get organised and sort out everything. and I’ve been crocheting. A lot. But nothing is finished yet typically so I thought I’d share a picture of two of my girls enjoying the cocoon I made a few weeks back.


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    1. Thank you! And no worries RE autocorrect, I know how it goes! Autocorrect tends to swear at people for me on my phone. Or change my mis-spellings to Spanish words as I practice Sapnish on my phone so have both English and Spanish dictionary/settings for the keyboard!

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