RIP Ashitaka (25th Sept 14 – 10th May 16)


I should have written this post after it happened really, especially as I updated everywhere but here about it.

Ashi had been ill for a while and we’d finally managed to get some stronger antibiotics, but he then started to reject non-solid food because he realised that we were mixing it with meds. Syringing him quickly became very stressful for both him and me. He very quickly became defensive and panicked as soon as we tried to pick him up, would spit out anything we managed to get into him, etc.

His quality of life had become such that it wasn’t fair to keep forcing him to keep going, his breathing became very laboured by the Monday evening (the 9th of May) and he wasn’t interested in any food. He was extremely defensive with Nick and I and unwilling to let us even touch him, as a lone rat we were his only company so it just wasn’t fair on him.

And so we made the decision to have him PTS on Tuesday the 10th. Whilst we’ve had two others PTS before, we never had to make the decision before as there wasn’t really a choice in the matter with the others, whereas with Ashi it was something that we had to assess and make a decision about and I felt fucking awful for it. He’s always been my special boy and he’d been a loner, pretty much since birth according to our breeder. With his issues we knew that it was coming eventually but he’d been doing so so well until he got this respiratory infection and it just sucked the last of his life out of him. He managed to reach 20 months which was much much more than we ever expected for him.

RIP my gorgeous boy x


4 thoughts on “RIP Ashitaka (25th Sept 14 – 10th May 16)

    1. Thank you, we’re sure he’s up there playing with our previous ratties and his runt sister who died a couple of months ago (owned by somebody else, but she had two sisters of Ashi’s who were both runts as well so she was a great help when we first got Ashi!)


  1. So sorry to read this. I know exactly how you feel, I remember the first PTS decision I had to make and how much harder it was than I ever thought it would be. It sounds like he had the most wonderful life with you. Thinking of you xx


    1. Thank you, I’m glad it wasn’t just me in a weird way, The two girls we had to have PTS were upsetting but we knew it was needed so it was comforting in a strange way, making that decision for Ashi was much horrid, we knew it was a choice between dragging it out or just allowing him to go before it got too stressful but there was the thought of “what if we did continue treating him and he got better?” even though we knew that would mean massive amounts of stress for him and would pretty much destroy his quality of life. Gah. Horrid decisions. But I know it was the right one in the end.

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