WIP Wednesday

I have two yarny projects on the go this week. One knit and one crochet! They are also the first two projects that will count towards my “28 by the time I’m 28” challenge 🙂

IMG_6793 (30%)

The knit one is another baby cardigan, blue again (though a different shade! Husbands choice this time!). I should finish it soon as I’m on the last chunk now, it’s my “We’re watching Hustle and I want to keep my hands busy.” project. With two baby cardigans on the go you may have guessed that I am expecting a baby! I’m due in early November and I’m trying to make as much as I can before it arrives!

My crochet project is a long running one. I have decided to make blankets for each of my three charges before I leave in September. Ideally they’ll be single bed sized but for now I’ll make each one 120cm x 120cm ish and if I finish all three in good time I’ll add the extra 60cm onto each at that point! Just to make sure that they are done!

So the one I am working on first is GC’s, it’s in rainbow colours as she’s also the owner of the Rainbow Stegosaurus and the Unicorn, so we’re following a theme.

IMG_6796 (30%)


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