Mischief Mondays – Ben

After introducing you to my old boy, Howl, last week, I thought that we should go in age order. This week it’s Ben, he’s my other old boy (though not quite as fragile as Howl yet!)


Ben came to us in March this year as a companion for Howl. When Howl’s brother died in November we decided to keep him as a lone rat as we didn’t think that he had very long left and didn’t want to stress him out further. Unfortunately, it was a mistake on our behalf. Howl was okay at first but within a couple of months he was really starting to get down. So we asked for some advice on a local rat group, asked if our breeder/rescue had any old boys in to keep him company as a lovely woman who had actually offered Ben to us back in November got in touch again to say that he was still around, if we wanted to introduce the two. So we took her up on the kind offer and brought him home.

Ben and Howl hit it off immediately, which was a relief. They were in together from day 2 (day 1 being a day for us to suss Ben out and for him to suss us out!) and we haven’t looked back!

Ben is incredibly cheeky, a proper little Lad. Despite being neutered he is obsessed with the girls, he loves winding them up! He’s very friendly and sweet, I don’t think that he could hurt a fly! He is old, over 2 and a half now we think and he’s starting to lose some of his colouring and his fur is thinning as expected, but he’s doing okay mostly. He has a horrible respiratory infection that will not go away at the moment but we’re treating it and hopefully we can keep it under some semblance of control whilst he lives out the rest of his life.



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