Mischief Monday – Kozu


Sikozu was my compromise rat. I have always coveted silverfawn rats, they are a lovely orange colour with red eyes, I love them. In the summer before we got Kozu our breeder successfully bred two litters of silverfawns and intended to breed more from them; Nick and I agreed that I couldn’t have any from those first two litters but I could have one from the line that was supposed to follow later that year. Unfortunately they didn’t have any interest in making babies, but a litter of ‘buff’ coloured hooded rats were born to a rescue that our breeder had picked up, and Kozu was one of those buffs. After much ‘discussion’ it was agreed that we would have one instead of the silverfawns which weren’t going to happen and she was the one who charmed Nick by falling asleep on him in the shop something she never did again! We got her at the end of October last year, it doesn’t feel like it was that short amount of time ago though!


Kozu soon turned out to not be a buff hooded at all, but actually a Himalayan (or siamese, I can never remember the difference). She’s also the smallest of our rats bar Rygel. It’s strange to look back on the early pictures of her as she doesn’t look the same at all! Kozu is mad. Absolutely, positively mad. She bounces around like a kitten, scales the furniture in seconds and is the fastest rat we’ve ever had, she’s ridiculously fast. Her first party trick was running up us and onto our shoulders in a ridiculously quick time with no warning what-so-ever, and then going back down leaving us wondering if we’d imagined it! She is still very quick and fun but can be very troublesome too. Her and Aeryn like to tag-team to see who can get into the most mischief each time they come out. She’s also ready to come out 90% of the time, sits at the door of the cage watching us and making it clear that she wants out NOW. A sleeping Kozu is a rare Kozu to be seen.

Malt Paste and dried fish are about the only food items that can convince her to do tricks, even then, they aren’t reliable!



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