Well Hello

It’s been a while. Again.

My two favourite people.

My wonderful daughter is now coming up to 8 months, she’s fun and has a brilliant little personality developing. She also is starting to look more like her Dad which is interesting. Until the past week I’ve barely had time to knit or crochet (she’s a clingy one). We’re 6 weeks into weaning Artemis, who seems to have a reaction to milk products, which along with my gluten intolerance has made things difficult, but we’re slowly working it out.


We moved into our first house at the end of May (It’s stunning, absolutely wonderful!). My paid maternity leave ended and for the first time in a very long time I am officially unemployed. I am starting to study for four A Levels whilst still learning Spanish. I am preparing my house to become a childminder setting, slightly scary!

We’re now down to 5 rats, Ben was put to sleep in early March, and we had Zhaan put to sleep yesterday, both were well over three and had great lives so we were happy to have had the pleasure of caring for them even though it was so brief in the grand scheme of things.

I still have masses of Debbie Bliss and Stylecraft Special, the only yarn I’ve bought in the past 18 months has been stuff with my birthday or Christmas money and a couple of balls to do the Carousel CAL (which is still getting there).

And apart from all of that, life is muddling on.


5 thoughts on “Well Hello

    1. Thank you, I’m biased but I think that she is too!

      Ben and Zhaan did wonderfully, I’m sad but not upset so much because they were both ready and their ages made it easier to make that decision for them.
      Zhaan actually had an accident yesterday morning and I found her hanging off of the ramp in their cage by her ankle, her legs were already suffering with some hind leg degeneration but it exacerbated it and she was obviously struggling significantly more. Though I doubt that it would have been long had that not happened, her sister is in a similar state and we’re waiting for when she makes it clear that she’s ready as she’s stubbornly still moving around and happy despite her legs not working so well still!

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      1. Aw it’s always such a difficult call but better slightly when you’re able to know they’re ready. We’re on the verge of making it for our wee Reuben, he has kidney disease and has deteriorated a lot in the last few weeks but has good days and bad days – last week I did make an appointment for him but then he rallied again and has been loving life cuddled up with his brothers and just pootling at an easy pace. Glad Zhaan’s sister still doing well just now, had a couple with hld in the past and it’s amazing how they can compensate! All the best with her.


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