18 months before I’m 30 (20/11/17 – 20/05/19)

So I’m approaching 30 and, since having Artemis, I’ve realised that I don’t feel that I’ve done a huge amount to be really really proud of, or that I can tell her about when she’s older. I give up on things very easily and don’t challenge myself. There are probably psychological reasons for that stemming back to my childhood, who knows, but I need to change it.

So I started thinking of things that I wanted to accomplish before I’m 30, it’s not so far away that it seems like it’ll never come but it’s not too soon either. The big ones are getting 3 A Levels so that I’m in a better position to study in the future if I want to, and to speak comfortably in Spanish when I next go away. But then I thought that I could make something of it, challenge myself to actually doing some things that I’ve wanted to do but haven’t got around to, and throw in some silliness for the easy wins.

So I decided to give myself 18 months to accomplish those things, which equals:
546 days or 78 weeks. In the spirit of 1001 things in 101 days I’ve given myself roughly one thing every 10-ish days to do.

Here’s my list:

Learn Spanish
Complete my A levels
Be able to identify 20 constellations
Learn kitchen knife skills
Learn to eat with chopsticks

Spend a whole week without using the computer
Learn how to write with my left hand

Complete a big walking challenge
Do a 30×30 Challenge (30 minutes of physical activity for 30 days)
Get average steps up to 10,000 a day
Get to swimming 3 times a week again
Complete a 30 Day Yoga Challenge
Reach my step target every day for a year
Take a martial arts class
Learn to paddle board

Get the rats out daily
Blog at least once a week for a year
Build a capsule wardrobe
Keep a “My Day in Six Words” journal for 6 months
Keep journal of positivity
Make a list of the simple things that make me happy
Complete 18 challenges from LTLYM
Visit 10 National Trust places
Meditate daily for 30 days

Learn to play poker
Learn how to play backgammon
Learn how to change a tire
Get out of debt
Learn how to use all the functions of my camera
Create and maintain a budget

One Offs:
Watch a meteor shower
Throw away all my underwear and start again
Build a massive lego tower
Build a teepee
Visit a butterfly sanctuary
Do some guerrilla gardening
Go puddle jumping in the rain
Make a robot

Install (and photograph) nine yarn bombing projects
Complete a colouring book
Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Learn to sew
Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet
Learn origami
Make christmas ornaments
Post an FO every other week on Yet Another Crafter

Make 18 recipes that I’ve pinned on Pinterest
Make a dish from a different country every month for a year
Grow a mini herb garden
Try a different fruit or vegetable each month

Books and Films:
See 10 classic movies I’ve never seen
Choose 18 countries and read a book by an author from each
Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet
Watch the original Star Trek movies
Watch all the Star Wars movies



10 thoughts on “18 months before I’m 30 (20/11/17 – 20/05/19)

  1. Good luck with your goals, I made a similar list at about the same age. I achieved the important ones. I teach physics to A level in a girls Grammar School, thanks to The Open University ( I never did my A levels, don’t tell the kids!!!). It took a while about 10 years, it was very hard, but I did it. Have you looked at the OU their courses start in January. Good luck again


    1. Thank you 🙂 I have looked at the OU and also at access courses. I decided on A Levels first as I’m uncertain where I want to end up, so A Levels give me the best options a few years down the line once I have a better idea. The OU Engineering degree is definitely on my maybe list though! I’ll be studying physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology (but will drop a science when I get a feel of which two are a better combination for me). I know that I want to study a STEM subject eventually but I’m hoping that the A Levels will help me decide which direction to take. I just need to get started on something really though.

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      1. Good luck, I did foundation science & half of maths, then went on to do chemistry, physics, astronomy & maths. I graduated 16 years ago. A levels are new courses in science, the questioning is slightly different than the old courses & definitely much harder.


      1. That is definitely a challenge, but I’m sure there are recipes out there! Although I have to say that we love our dairy! If I come across anything I will definitely let you know 🙂 and Onion soup it the best!


  2. Hi 🙂 I’m doing something similar to you, trying to get 30 (+) things done in the year that I turn 30. You have some really interesting ideas on the list. Hows it going? I’m a bit worried I’ll start off really enthusiastic and then flop by June, hopefully having a blog will help!
    Hope you’re enjoying it.


    1. Hi there! It’s going okay, not great but not badly! I should really do an update actually!
      I’m trying to focus on one or two of the ‘harder’ things at a time, so I’m doing the 30 day yoga challenge at the moment and concentrating on my daily habits. Trying to build up what I’m doing really! It’s always at the back of my mind though so I’d say that it’s challenging me still even if I’m not being so active with it!

      LTLYM is Learning to Love You More, a thing that ran a good few years ago now with a variety of ‘challenges’ to encourage you to love yourself more.

      Are you still writing your list or have you finished?


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