WIP Wednesday

Not the lot of it O_O

Not your usual WIP today. My WIP for today has been sorting out my Stylecraft Special DK collection. I think that I managed to find all of it (though knowing me there are a few balls lurking in other places!)

It’s all been organised into under bed storage boxes by rough colour margins (reds, pinks and purples; blues and greens; naturals and white/grey/black; and yellows and oranges), unless it’s being used for a current project. I have 72 balls with the band intact, and 5055g of part-balls. So, in total, I have around 12.25kg of Stylecraft Special DK! I’m actually going to keep a running tally of how much I’m using in order to spur me on I think!

I’ve also tallied up the Debbie Bliss Rialto DK and I have 87 balls + 32g. So that makes 4382g of that too.

I really can’t store any more yarn at the moment, which means using up a lot of this stash. I knew that I had a lot but I’m somewhat surprised with the figures! Obviously I’ve challenged myself to make 28 things by my 28th birthday (May the 20th next year) but I have a feeling that a few of those projects will have to be big yarn-eaters! This isn’t even including the yarn that isn’t SSDK or Rialto, of which there is a bit of that too!

So this weeks totals on the Debbie Bliss Rialto DK and Stylecraft Special DK (which I will update each week from now on!) are:
Rialto: 4,382g
SSDK: 12,255g

A DIY project but still a project

So it’s not completed, but this has been our most recent project:


The desk has been something that we’ve needed for a while but put off thinking that we wouldn’t be here for long after Nick finishes uni. Well, as we seem to intend on staying in our box we needed to maximise our space. This was the result.

A big Ikea desk for the both of us (and for Ashi). The cage on the desk is Ashi’s holiday cage as the boys were in his usual cage, his cage will take up most of that space. It creates a lot more space in our flat which we didn’t have with the desk and dining table combo before.

I still need to cover the wooden bit in the centre (a bit from our last desk which went to the dump) with a white sticky back plastic, along with the rat shelf which the big cage is now on; but that can come later. I am challenging myself to a few things in November which I’ll post about tomorrow!

Daily Planner

I’ve been thinking about how I can get myself more organised but also work towards some goals.I have a lot of notebooks. Lots of them. Mostly unused as I also collect them, but some of them have been dedicated for various purposes such as “Goal tracking” and “Positive Journal” and so on and they never get used because there are so many of them.

I was looking into printable journal pages on Sunday and found lots of great ones, but they didn’t suit exactly what I wanted. They were either too involved or they were missing things. I came across an awesome kickstarter for a product called the Self Journal which looks lovely, but a) I need something now and this product won’t be ready for months yet; and b) I don’t have the extra $20 for shipping (though it’s probably something that I’ll end up buying!)

So I made some. I liked the format of the Self Journal so used that as a base and smooshed it with a load of free printables I found. I’m not a graphic designer so they aren’t the prettiest, but they’re simple and exactly what I needed. It also meant that I got to play on OpenOffice Writer, which I haven’t done in a long while. It can do so much more than just making letters and essays, I used to love using powerpoint and excel to make things and have a geeky kind of joy about making documents that are interesting (to me!) on office software.DSCN8626

One of the sites I used heavily (and essentially reformatted their charts) was The Project Girl, she has a very nice collection of free downloadable content for organising your life. I have copied the Goal Tracker Worksheet but made it A5 sized. I also love this idea: Become a Better You. It’s nice and simple. I can see her downloadables becoming fundamental to my folder.

I even discovered some free fonts that are wonderful, I used one called Veggieburger as my main font, but found a few others on the same site that looked like great fun too! This is tomorrow’s page, I have more to write in but this is the start of the planning for the day! I haven’t added anything else but the daily sheets to the folder yet as I need to think about my goals a bit.