A tunic for Lottie (or Barbie)


Apologies for potato quality with the photo, Nick has our Naice camera with him as he’s probably going to head to a National Trust place tomorrow, jammy sod. He has an interview in the Midlands in the morning for a graduate position so he’s gone up tonight and will be back Saturday. Meanwhile I’m proxy parenting this weekend so I’ll be doing a lot of fun little activities with my charge like pottery painting. I love pottery painting 😀

Anywho, I wanted to share this. My first ever item of clothing (even though it is for a dolly)! It is too big for her so it will likely end up in my Little Charge’s Barbie outfit stash, but it’s cute and now I know how to make top-down jumpers/cardi’s/tunics I can be more adventurous with it. This was hashed together from numerous top-down patterns so no pattern link today I’m afraid!

Ravelry Project Page: Lottie’s First Tunic


First Post

First knit

I thought that I should start my first post with my first real attempt at being crafty since school. This was my first knitting attempt in March 2009. I’ve gotten better since then.

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