November Challenges: Day 6

Time flies when you’re having fun and working hard! I had a super long day on Wednesday at work (8am to 11pm!) and yesterday I sat and crocheted for most of the day, so I didn’t bother coming onto my PC apart from to get Charmed on. Charmed marathon FTW.

So, yesterday I managed to complete nine hexagons. 9. Nine. Six of those were before lunch too. I was really impressed with myself as I’m getting a little bored of it all now and I actually enjoyed the day of crochet! However I did neglect to do much else. I managed to throw a very easy dinner into the slow cooker at around 4pm and I also made vegetarian gluten-free “Chicken” balls. They were lovely and I am going to gain weight rapidly if I make them as often as I now plan too!

Today I have a lot to get done, last night was Bonfire night but, being a weekday, not a huge amount of celebrations were going on. I live down the road from Lewes, which has a massive bonfire celebration and it is absolutely amazing, but I really couldn’t hack going and hanging around for a train in that weather in the late/early hours! It is well worth seeing at least once in your life though, I went a couple of years ago and intend to go next year. Back on track though: I have a lot to get done as, from the house above our basement flat we should be able to see a big fireworks display so we’re going to go up there on their balcony later for the best views without the crowds! We’ve invited Nick’s friend and his partner round so I need to really sort the flat out, clean the cages out and ensure that it’s suitable for guests in here, just in case!

Catan Blanket:
108 sea hexes left
26 other hexes left

712/50,000 words


November plans

I have things that I need to get done today but between a new baby rat sleeping on me and my lone rat sleeping on me, I can’t get them done. So I’m on here instead! But, here is a photo of the baby rat, her name is Sikozu and she’ll be joining our girls ASAP.


I said last night that I’d post about my plans for next month, they are as follows:

  1. Finish the Catan Blanket Hexes
  2. Attempt NaNoWriMo

That’s basically it. I have a fanfiction idea that I’ve been playing with for a long while that really needs writing down, I haven’t written anything since I was a teen so this should be interesting! I also want to get Nick’s blanket done in time for Christmas instead of slacking, so my goals this month consist of two very big, creativity-based projects.