Baking with the kids

Please excuse the sticky toddler fingers! This was what I did on Saturday with my charges.

Fed up of the constant “It’s not fair! SHE got to stir for longer!” and “But Nikki, HE got to lick the spoon last time!” and “S turn, S turn, S turn, S TURN.” every time we bake (they aren’t usually so silly, they’re usually lovely but they are kids at the end of the day!) I decided to do things a little differently this time.

I gave each of them a bowl, they each got one egg and had to take it in turns to weigh out their individual ingredients and we did each stage together. Once they each had a batter, they each got to choose a food colouring for their batter, which I then used to make multi-coloured cakes. G had blue, C red and [not-so]-little S had green. They then decorated them with their granny after I left.


Having found that a lot of recipes now call for oil instead of eggs, I have gone back to the old fashioned way of cake baking. Take your egg/s, weigh them. Use equal amounts of flour, butter and sugar and make as usual (cream butter and sugar, add beaten egg/s and then add the flour). You can use less sugar and even half it without any issues! Or you can do as my middle charge, C, did and pour in extra when you think I’m not looking 😉