WIP Wednesday – 30/11/16


I haven’t really been that active on the crafting side of things the past couple of weeks, however I have been chipping away at a little cardigan when I can! 

I have also decided, in my quest to rid myself of all of this yarn, that I will attempt the Carousel CAL, I had all but two balls, so for the greater good I went and purchased Aspen and Clematis on Monday from my local yarn shop (The Wool Cabin in Clacton-on-sea, it’s a lovely little shop and the staff are always helpful and friendly!) and I hope to start this blanket as soon as I’ve finished this cardigan.

The cardigan has the body complete, so I just need to do the sleeves now, which I’ll do in the next few days hopefully. I intend to do the sleeves on DPNs because of my massive hatred of stitching up, so we shall see how that goes. 

This weeks Rialto and SSDK totals come to:
Rialto: 4,254g/4382g left (50g this week)
SSDK: 12,217/12,255g left (+200g this week!) 


Newborn sized cardgian


I made this back in March and finished the knitting then, but have only just got around to blocking it and sewing on the buttons. It did have a little yellow robot crocheted for it but the robot was awful, so I’ll try to find a suitable yellow fabric to sew a motif on at some point when I’m next near a fabric shop!

This was a really nice and simple pattern, it’s the first time that I’ve made human-sized clothing and the second time I’ve made clothing generally!

Ravelry Pattern Page: Perfect Baby Boy or Girl Top Down DK Jacket
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My Newborn Cardigan
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