Long weekend and WIPs


I wish by Long Weekend I meant a weekend away, but no, I was working. It’s a good thing I love my job though! I was proxy parenting my youngest charge for the weekend and it was fun, but very tiring. I was supposed to work yesterday as well but my boss took pity on me when she saw me late Sunday night and told me that they didn’t need me, so I woke up at 9:30, sat in my PJs all day whilst knitting, supervising the rats free-range time and generally chilling out. I did manage to finish half of a hat though! (Sorry for the potato quality, I’m learning how to use my camera still!)

Today will be much the same with some housework and coursework thrown in for good measure. We also have a dance lesson this evening which I’m beginning to regret booking but I’m sure that I’ll enjoy it once there…

Warning: Self indulgent eczema moan after the break!

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