Short days and little sleep = Cranky crafter (November Challenges: Day 12!)

I’m not sleeping brilliantly at the moment, not for any particular reason, I think my mind is just going a little into overdrive with ideas at the moment, especially in those five minutes after I go to bed and just want to sleep. I’m sure this is a common phenomena, just like having ideas in the shower that you always forget by the time you get out of the shower.

I am not the biggest fan of driving to work in the dark and home again in the dark, we have a sunrise alarm clock which revolutionised our mornings when we got it two years ago (at a time where I had to leave the house at 6:30) but still, driving in the dark is not fun, especially when you’re paranoid about deer and idiot drivers on country roads. There are things that I love about late Autumn and Winter, but some things I hate. I love wintery meals, stews and casseroles, cottage pie and lots of soup. I love lighting the fire at work and blustery walks in the woods.

I haven’t done much of anything the past couple of days creativity-wise. I have been studying in my free time though so I feel good about that. I am intending to get Nick’s blanket to a presentable point before the end of the month, I can add to it after Christmas if need be as, once the first round of sea tiles is on, it will be what I originally intended to do. Anything after that is a bonus (though a much wanted one!) The writing isn’t going so well. The issue with my story is that the story I’ve thought of is based five years beyond what I need to write, so filling in the gaps is difficult. I know the time line, I know the relationships I want to develop and so on, but padding that out is more difficult than I expected it to be!

I’m not going to update my totals today because it will show just how little I’ve done! I shall attempt to improve the situation today though!


November Challenges: Day 6

Time flies when you’re having fun and working hard! I had a super long day on Wednesday at work (8am to 11pm!) and yesterday I sat and crocheted for most of the day, so I didn’t bother coming onto my PC apart from to get Charmed on. Charmed marathon FTW.

So, yesterday I managed to complete nine hexagons. 9. Nine. Six of those were before lunch too. I was really impressed with myself as I’m getting a little bored of it all now and I actually enjoyed the day of crochet! However I did neglect to do much else. I managed to throw a very easy dinner into the slow cooker at around 4pm and I also made vegetarian gluten-free “Chicken” balls. They were lovely and I am going to gain weight rapidly if I make them as often as I now plan too!

Today I have a lot to get done, last night was Bonfire night but, being a weekday, not a huge amount of celebrations were going on. I live down the road from Lewes, which has a massive bonfire celebration and it is absolutely amazing, but I really couldn’t hack going and hanging around for a train in that weather in the late/early hours! It is well worth seeing at least once in your life though, I went a couple of years ago and intend to go next year. Back on track though: I have a lot to get done as, from the house above our basement flat we should be able to see a big fireworks display so we’re going to go up there on their balcony later for the best views without the crowds! We’ve invited Nick’s friend and his partner round so I need to really sort the flat out, clean the cages out and ensure that it’s suitable for guests in here, just in case!

Catan Blanket:
108 sea hexes left
26 other hexes left

712/50,000 words

November Challenges: Day 3


How is it the third already?! Yesterday I didn’t post as my PC didn’t get turned on. Some nights it doesn’t, today it is as I’m home today and have a lot I want to get done including a mini-marathon Charmed session.

So, I’ve just gone onto my writing document this morning to discover that it hasn’t saved after a quick writing sess on Sunday 😦 I didn’t write much but still, that’s highly annoying and leaves my word count at 0!

I haven’t made many hexes either, my crafting time on Sunday was spent hooking some of the hexes together, last night I did one hex whilst watching Breaking Bad with Nick and spent an equal amount of time trying to keep the rats from climbing all over it!

So, my counts at the moment:

Catan Blanket:
120 sea hexes left
26 other hexes left

0/50,000 words 😦

November Challenges: Day 1

Pinch, punch, first of the month (no returns)!

Just posting to give you the starting point of my challenges, I’ll try post once a day with an update relating to finished totals the day before, only because I often craft late into the evening and I don’t want to be awake and updating at 1am!

Catan Blanket:
121 sea hexes left
26 other hexes left

0/50,000 words (and no written plan as of yet!)

EDIT: Seemed to put a tag of “Knitting” onto this. Late-night brain was frazzled, what a muppet!

November plans

I have things that I need to get done today but between a new baby rat sleeping on me and my lone rat sleeping on me, I can’t get them done. So I’m on here instead! But, here is a photo of the baby rat, her name is Sikozu and she’ll be joining our girls ASAP.


I said last night that I’d post about my plans for next month, they are as follows:

  1. Finish the Catan Blanket Hexes
  2. Attempt NaNoWriMo

That’s basically it. I have a fanfiction idea that I’ve been playing with for a long while that really needs writing down, I haven’t written anything since I was a teen so this should be interesting! I also want to get Nick’s blanket done in time for Christmas instead of slacking, so my goals this month consist of two very big, creativity-based projects.