FO Friday – 13/10/17


It was my husband, Nick’s, birthday on Wednesday. Ever since he’s seen a crocheted Mr Meeseeks he’s commented occasionally about it. Then resolved to learn to crochet so that he could make himself one as I obviously wasn’t doing it for him. Well I caved. (Though he has been practising crochet!)

It was a really easy pattern but I wouldn’t advise it for a beginner as the pattern writer made a lot of errors. Most of it is mathematical but the arms and legs particularly need some working out.

It’s made using Stylecraft Special DK in cloud blue. Not exactly the right colour but it worked.

Ravelry Pattern Page: Mr Meeseeks
Ravelry Project Page: Nikki’s Mr Meeseeks
Direct link to pattern: Ramen Needles – Mr Meeseeks
Time Taken: 
Three 2 hour naps for the baby and some moments here and there!



I have actually finished the ‘base’ of the Catanghan and I’m happy with it. I finished it a while ago but the weather has been horrendous and so there have been no opportunities to get a photo of it, but here it is in all of its glory!


By the ‘base’ of the blanket, I mean the basic Catan set-up. For those who know the game: I plan to add a seafarers-esque extension which will make it large enough to cover a king-sized bed. For those who aren’t familiar with the game: I’ll be adding islands around this and also extending the blue sea hexes. However that is a job for another year day. Right now it’s a nice size to cuddle under and as it’ll get wrecked on our bed in our tiny bedroom I think it will remain that way until we move to a bigger place where it can be enjoyed without fear of it getting damaged!


So, Nick worked it out.  His birthday present. We live in a tiny flat and he managed to sneak a peek of my notebook with all of the plans because I was silly enough to work on the plans whilst he was home, so I can post about it now. However, he doesn’t yet know how many hexes I need and nor will he realise how big it will be until it has been given to him.DSCN7449

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Superkids blanket for my little Nephew


My elder sister and her husband are superhero fanatics, particularly the Avengers. When she announced her pregnancy I knew that I’d have to make some Avengers themed items for my first niece or nephew.

I was on Ravelry for hours and also googling “Things to make for a new baby” and “How to sew baby blankets” and somewhere along the way I happened to come across a facebook seller selling this amazing fabric. It’s Robert Kaufman – Superkids. It was just the kind of thing I needed to make a very simple blanket (as that’s all my sewing skills can muster up! I used this tutorial at Handmade Jane as a guide).

I backed it with a plain red brushed cotton so it’s light and airy and can be thrown over the buggy or on the floor and be washed easily. I’m hoping that he grows up loving it as much as I do, I was quite chuffed with myself for this effort! It’s pretty much a square and not too wonky or anything!