Busy bee

That’s what I’ve been! I spent 10 hours knitting one of my Christmas gifts on Thursday and Friday, I also spent a lot of time on the crocheted gift but didn’t time that as I’d already started it. I wasn’t really well which is why I spent so much time crafting and watching Charmed on Netflix instead of doing things like the housework or cleaning the rats cages, but heyho, got a lot done…

I have found a very simple app on android that allows you to time each project you do, it’s called¬†Project Timer¬†and you can create a separate timer for each of your projects. And that’s all it does, which is brilliant as that’s all I want it to do! I found others that included gant charts or you had to choose a project and it would come up with a new screen, making it more complicated than I would have liked, but this works brilliantly for me.

I was working a long day yesterday and whilst I was at work my oh-so-darling-husband went and brought a DSLR. He then brought it to my work for us to play with once the kids had gone to bed and we had a rat show to attend today so it got used there too! It wasn’t an impulse buy, before I look highly irresponsible as a not-so-wealthy person, it was on sale and it was an early Christmas present to ourselves, we were supposed to get it in the January sales but we figured that there isn’t any point waiting whilst it’s on sale now, not that I expected him to actually go buy it yesterday….

It does mean that we can learn a bit about photography though and that we can start using our National Trust memberships to get some amazing photos. And we can get great photos of our rats, three of whom are reaching the ends of their lives and potentially may not be around in January, and if there was one big regret we had about Haku it was not having many photos of him in the recent months.

Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have at least one Christmas project finished for you all to have a gander at, keep you’re fingers crossed!