Knitted Handcuffs

Yes. You read that right! Knitted handcuffs. WTAF?

Well a while ago I knit some handcuffs and shared a rough pattern for them. They are extremely basic, extremely cheeky and definitely a good laugh.

I then took the pattern off of my last blog with the intention of improving it very quickly and making a PDF for people instead that I would potentially charge a minimal amount for. Obviously, that never happened and I lost the pattern in the depths of my old PC somewhere. I have since managed to find them on an old external hard drive, have been intending to do that rework and it just hasn’t happened so I will post the original instructions and, this time, I won’t be taking them down to rework them and I will not be charging for it at any point in the future 🙂

What I will say though is: These are intended as novelty items. Don’t be idiots with them! They are to be made for personal use only. They are not to be made for commercial purposes (i.e. do not sell them or the pattern!)

If you share the pattern please have the courtesy to refer people back to this post. If you create a variation of the pattern, I will happily post a link to it at the bottom of this post!

Knitted Handcuffs


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