FO Friday: Jip the Owl

IMG_6790 (30%)

Back in January my sister asked me to make an owl for some friends of hers expecting a baby later in the year. They love owls, they like purple and silver, so this little fellow emerged!

IMG_6791 (30%)

I used Stylecraft Special DK in Wisteria, Silver and a smidgeon of Saffron. A couple of small pieces of felt and some 9mm safety eyes for the eyes 🙂

I decided not to do the feet and tail as it was going to be for a newborn, who would eventually grow into a baby who gums everything then a toddler who chews everything and I didn’t want to have too much on there that they could chew at and risk pulling off!

Ravelry Pattern Page: Jip the Owl
Ravelry Project Page:
Nikki’s Purple Owl

Being ‘creative’ at work

So I tend to spend a bit of my time at work doing ‘creative’ things with my charges. The other day my two older charges wanted to play with playdoh while the youngest slept, and the eldest suggested making clothes for Barbie. Sure, why not, I did that with her and the middle charge made Starwars things. This is the kind of activity I really love though, it’s such good fun and they are great at coming up with ideas I never would have thought of.

So I spent half an hour making a playsuit for my Barbie. Unfortunately there was only one colour available: murky brown. The result was bloody horrendous but the kids had fun as did I



A tunic for Lottie (or Barbie)


Apologies for potato quality with the photo, Nick has our Naice camera with him as he’s probably going to head to a National Trust place tomorrow, jammy sod. He has an interview in the Midlands in the morning for a graduate position so he’s gone up tonight and will be back Saturday. Meanwhile I’m proxy parenting this weekend so I’ll be doing a lot of fun little activities with my charge like pottery painting. I love pottery painting 😀

Anywho, I wanted to share this. My first ever item of clothing (even though it is for a dolly)! It is too big for her so it will likely end up in my Little Charge’s Barbie outfit stash, but it’s cute and now I know how to make top-down jumpers/cardi’s/tunics I can be more adventurous with it. This was hashed together from numerous top-down patterns so no pattern link today I’m afraid!

Ravelry Project Page: Lottie’s First Tunic



This cutie was for my middle charge, C, for Christmas. I’ve made a triceratops before, it was pink and had a lopsided top piece which I couldn’t correct for the life of me! This one almost ended up with a slight lean to it despite my knowing it would happen, but I managed to shift stuffing around to make it work thankfully! His nose horn points downward though, but by the point it was put on I really could not gather the energy to fix it, it would have delayed our leaving by at least 30 more minutes!

I don’t know if I’ve said this but I tend to do these dinos in the round as much as possible. I hate stitching up. To the extent that I even knit/crochet straight over something or struggle to put cozies over tight parts to avoid doing it.

FWIW, with the child who requested this dino in the first place, he first changed colours on me a couple of times, then we agreed on green/blue, then he asked to change again once I’d started and then I got asked a week before Christmas if it was too late to ask for a Y-wing fighter instead (Star Wars related I believe?!), yes C, yes it really is too late to ask for something entirely different I’m afraid! But it means I can get started on his birthday gift 7 months early… 😉

Ravelry Pattern Page: Triceratops from Knitted Dinosaurs Book
Ravelry Project Page: 
Nikki’s Triceratops (#02)
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