WIP Wednesday

Not the lot of it O_O

Not your usual WIP today. My WIP for today has been sorting out my Stylecraft Special DK collection. I think that I managed to find all of it (though knowing me there are a few balls lurking in other places!)

It’s all been organised into under bed storage boxes by rough colour margins (reds, pinks and purples; blues and greens; naturals and white/grey/black; and yellows and oranges), unless it’s being used for a current project. I have 72 balls with the band intact, and 5055g of part-balls. So, in total, I have around 12.25kg of Stylecraft Special DK! I’m actually going to keep a running tally of how much I’m using in order to spur me on I think!

I’ve also tallied up the Debbie Bliss Rialto DK and I have 87 balls + 32g. So that makes 4382g of that too.

I really can’t store any more yarn at the moment, which means using up a lot of this stash. I knew that I had a lot but I’m somewhat surprised with the figures! Obviously I’ve challenged myself to make 28 things by my 28th birthday (May the 20th next year) but I have a feeling that a few of those projects will have to be big yarn-eaters! This isn’t even including the yarn that isn’t SSDK or Rialto, of which there is a bit of that too!

So this weeks totals on the Debbie Bliss Rialto DK and Stylecraft Special DK (which I will update each week from now on!) are:
Rialto: 4,382g
SSDK: 12,255g


Two holiday projects that I forgot to post

This is the other suitcase handle, one for my suitcase. I actually crocheted this in the round straight onto the suitcase because I thought it’d make life easier not having to stitch it up, it really didn’t…

The photo does not do the yellow justice, it is horrendously fluorescent!

I made this the day we were flying back to England, it was one of two pieces of stash busting I managed whilst in Spain!

The other piece of stash-busting was something that I thought my Mother-in-Law would find amusing, this monstrosity:


A cozy for the fan. Fans get cold too sometimes…

Suitcase handles

Another project on Operation De-stash! We’re going on holiday on Sunday and my husband bought a new suitcase yesterday, so he asked me to make something that would make it stand out, preferably something colourful. The result was this quick bit of crochet:


I’m quite impressed with myself. Usually when I use double crochet I drop stitches, mess up the ends and generally it looks awful. I should have taken a photo before I stitched it on as I didn’t drop a single stitch and managed to reach the ends without forgetting my turning chain!

This wasn’t one of the balls of bonus DK, it was something I got in a bag at the charity shop. I’ve been trying to find a use for it as I’ve used it on a dinosaur before and it was awesome, but I didn’t have enough left for much else! I was lucky and had just enough for this.

I now have some neon yellow that I’ve been desperately trying to get rid of. That will become a handle and possibly some horrendous flowers for my suitcase. I’ll also cover the other handle on this one too with some blue or red or something.